Watching Europa is a speculative artistic contemplation on viewing the universe through the eyes of science. Structured loosely around the conjecture that the vast oceans of subglacial water on Jupiter's moon Europa could conceivably harbour life, the Watching Europa project is comprised of sixty minutes of high resolution  mathematically-sculpted and organically-detailed animation interwoven in an ever-changing liquid display of refracted light and luscious submarine colour.

The accompanying soundtrack is a shifting ebb and flow of chordal harmonic interactions, filled with mysterious sounds that we could easily assume to be some form of communication.

Watching Europa is presented on Bluray with 5.0 surround sound and is designed to loop repeatedly to create an evocative and mesmerising ambient experience.


An alternative exhibition version of the project is intended for multiple screen presentation. In this gallery version, combinations of different image and sound sequences - invoked entirely at random -  flicker sporadically to life to create an absorbing viewing experience that is unpredictable and ever-changing. 


Watching Europa is the first creative enterprise from Peter Miller's Scribbletronics

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