• Who is behind Watching Europa?

Watching Europa is a project by sound designer/composer/digital artist Peter Miller from Scribbletronics.

• When is Watching Europa due for completion?

The multi-screen version was completed in May, 2012. A version designed for display on one single HD screen (the 'Maquette Version') was completed on November 3, 2012.

• When is the release date?

The official launch date of Watching Europa was November 3, 2012

• What is the final release medium?

The key presentation is a multi-screen immersive live exhibition. The 'Maquette' presentation, which is less technologically-intensive, is designed for a single high definition screen and is available on Blu-ray.  In addition, an annotated book of high quality images is available from the Watching Europa Shop.

• Can I get a copy of the animation?

Yes. A Blu-ray version with 5.0 surround sound is available from the Watching Europa Shop.

• Are your creatures based on actual science?

For the most part, no. I have made some small assumptions based on what we know of life in Earth's deep oceans, but I am not trying to predict something that is ultimately completely unpredictable.

• Wouldn't it be pitch black under the ice on Europa?

Yes, probably.

• Can I use images from your site in my own work?

Yes, you may use Watching Europa images or animations for any non-commercial purpose. All such use should be clearly attributed to me (write and ask me for details) and where possible, linked back to this site.

You are completely free to use any of the images for off-web personal use without attribution.

If you wish to use Watching Europa still images or animations in a commercial context, please contact me

• I would like to experiment with ArtMatic Designer. Where can I find it?

The U&I Software ArtMatic Pro site is here.

• Will I be able to make images and movies like these with AMD if I get it?

ArtMatic Designer is a visual image synthesizer. It is an extraordinary and inspiring visual tool, and it will allow you to make all manner of astonishing images - but it doesn't just do the work for you. You'll have to put in some serious time if you want to make images like the ones you see in this project.

• How long have you been using ArtMatic Designer

I've been involved with AMD since version 1.0, some 14 years in all. It is currently at version 6.0

• How long has it taken to make Watching Europa?

I have been working on the project on & off since early 2008. The time requirement for the HD output render alone was about four continuous months.

• What are the Latin sounding names under the video clips? 

SynPlant, one of the audio tools I am using, creates randomly conjoined Latinate phrases for the sounds it makes. It seemed like an appropriate way to name my creatures.

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