What viewers have said:

'Watching these mysterious creatures, swirling in dusty water, communicating via harmonics, takes me to a poetic place deep within myself' 
  ~ Dr Melinda Rackham [Artlink]

'...a highly original immersive artwork of great minimalistic mystic beauty' 
  ~ Nic Skeltys [b(if)tek, Jilted Brides]

'Mesmeric. [Watching Europa] is an endless meditation fusing the fanciful with the scientific. It is a dream you never want to end' 
  ~ Peter Schofield [Fairfax Media]

'"Watching Europa" is exactly what I've been looking for without realizing it. Calming, captivating, beautiful and inspiring... I found myself entranced… '
  ~ Tone Egan [Black Lion Entertainment]

'The moving, blue images, the sound beds with biological details and natural electric impulses, the whole atmosphere grabbed me and stopped time and made me forget where I was.' 
  ~ Helge Krabye [Homeless Balloon]

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