europalistI'm now onto the editing process for the project. From some 130 or so full size renders I've honed my selection down to the 53 clips which will make up the final show. These segments will be allocated to 13 seperate BluRay disks, each running 4 unique sequences (except for one, which will run 5 - as those of you who recognized my penchant for primes will have no doubt discerned).

This process is giving me a speed lesson in compression codecs - and it's about as mind-frazzling as it gets. I can tell you, though, that the end result is already panning out to exceed my expectations, and any of you who are anticipating the BluRay compilation are going to be very pleasantly surprised I think. Much of what I planned to do is not only possible but actually reasonably straightforward, including the full 5.1 soundtrack (which will feature on the compilation release only - the exhibition is designed to work in a different way, with each clip producing its own spatial source from the monitor on which it's played).

Because I need to keep track of so many different files (full rez clips, full rez with stereo sound, full rez with 5.1 sound, proxy editing files etc), I have a studio full of lists like the one above. 

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