Prophecy, Pattern & Progeny


The March 2012 issue of Artlink features Watching Europa as part of its 'Pattern & Complexity' theme. 

Curator and digital arts specialist Dr Melinda Rackham examines the works of Champagne Valentine, Mitchel Whitelaw, Tracy Cornish and myself, and the manner in which digital tools have informed the artistic aspects of the landscapes of pattern, evolution and complexity.

"Miller sees his work as a symbiosis between himself and the software he uses, rather than a linear process of cause and effect... Software sets a direction for the narrative to take, but does not dictate a fundamental endpoint. This is digital nature, where creative mutations come from uncertainty...

[In the highly rendered Watching Europa], randomly displayed combinations of strange creatures of unknown scale but undeniable beauty emerge contemplatively from purple and blue-hued depths. Watching these mysterious creatures, swirling in dusty water, communicating via harmonics, takes me to a poetic place deep within myself."

The Artlink website is subscriber access, so I can't hotlink you directly to the article itself, unfortunately, but the hard copy version is a good issue to have if you're at all interested in the pointy end of current explorations into digital art. 

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